Looking ahead…2012

I think this quote is quite appropriate for today’s post. I spent a good part of this evening mapping out my calendar for 2012. I have never really done that for the year, but I am aware of a few things as I consider what I want 2012 to look like…

I have really embraced the truth that Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail….

I realize that often the ruts I am living in (and complaining about) are because of my lack of planning. I have an odd sense of adrenalin tonight as I wrap up getting all my board meetings on my calendar, considering my workout goals and when I will be working out each day in January, setting up my finances on Mint.com and mapping out my nutrition goals for January as well. Now, as I planned, I spent less time on Facebook and still have to catch up on my Words with Friends and Scrabble turns, but I feel a different sense of order. I believe that planning will take discipline and time, and the benefits will be much greater than the cost!

I love the free-spirited spontaneous side of me. I also realize that my strengths can be my struggles. I am very aware that often my spontaneous ways can take me out of what I was planning to do. I once learned that every time I say YES to something, I say NO to something else. It is a basic principle and one I look forward to allowing this to guide my commitments in 2012. I practiced tonight when I was scheduling a massage appointment. The appointment I was offered was a later evening appointment, but it would likely get me home late and that would result in a difficult morning following for my workout. I realized that it was not imperative that I had a massage right away and I could wait a few days and get a late afternoon appointment, which would allow me to stick with my plan. Saying No to an evening massage appointment allowed me to say yes to my new routine.

I have many goals I set in 2011 that I did not reach. I have new goals for 2012 which I want to believe with everything in me, that I will reach. I want to look ahead and live in the wonder of the unknown. I want to focus on the opportunity of tomorrow and delight in what each moment holds. I want to live intentionally, with a healthy balance of freedom and routine. I know what my goal weight is that I plan to reach, but I want to focus even more on having a generous, compassionate and tender heart. I want to know the feeling of a good workout, but experience even more, the wonder of sitting with friends or family in celebration or sorrow. I want to find time to listen well, share a smile, ignite laughter and unite my heart with others as I journey to my heart!

I hope you will join me this year and share with me as you also journey to your heart….for it is when we live from our heart, that we offer those around us a gift of great value!

Journey on my friends….2012 is upon us and waiting to be experienced! ♥

Reflecting back…

Tonight I will reflect back….tomorrow I will look ahead…


Moments of delight, laughter, wondering, tears, community, service, surrender, sorrow, joy, unity, loneliness, gratefulness, sleeping in, working hard, working out, feeling broke, travel, celebration, family memories, funky and fun friends, biking, resting, enjoying the sun, productivity, walking in the rain, starting to run, knee pain, weight loss, searching, reading, writing, praying, driving, worshiping, feeling thankful, content, playing games, fetch with Dutch, eating veggies, smiling, journeying, growth, restless and yearning….and through it all….I am very BLESSED!

And as I reflect on each word, I envision faces and experiences with many of you. I marvel at all 2011 has held for me. I wonder what words would mark your year? Can you also testify to God’s presence and provision in your day-to-day? I am thankful as I look back tonight and look ahead tomorrow, that God’s presence and provision are gifts that will continue day in and day out, from generation to generation!

Happy New Years to one and all!


Symbol showing that God is with you and you are “Blessed”