Pursuing my PhD….

My brother Len and I celebrating a beautiful day in April of 2000

As I reflect on my years of education, I can easily remember that school did not come easily for me. I learned to give it my all and managed to graduate from Holland Christian, Calvin College and Western Michigan University.

And so over the last few years I have been pursuing my PHD. Now this is different from my Bachelors of Science in Recreational Therapy or my Masters in Social Work. This is years of focus and lots of dollars in the area of Personal Health and Development. This learning has not been done in the classroom. These are lessons mostly learned in the gym, in the great outdoors or in the kitchen!

As I thought about my many sessions with varied personal trainers, I was struck by how my journey to my PHD parallels my academic journey.

Although each of my personal trainers have different styles and challenge me to complete a wide array of exercises, each of them has pushed me to my point of weakness. It is difficult to feel confident for longer than a moment, because if I can achieve something, adjustments are made to challenge me yet again. I have had to learn to trust that the vision my trainer holds for me is going to produce a sweet outcome some day. Honestly though,  in the moment, it can feel discouraging when fatigue sets in. I must remember to speak positive thoughts about my potential and not listen to messages in my mind of perceived weakness or failure…

I had to battle those same messages when I was pursuing an education. Today, I am thankful and proud of my educational journey. It was not easy and I had to push through many difficult moments. I have faces of teachers and professors who served as educators, coaches and encouragers. I thought of quitting often and yet I persevered. I face the same struggles in the pursuit of my PHD. I desire to have a life long commitment to my Personal Health and Development. In order to journey that well, I must remember that to be pushed to my point of weakness and to remain committed to the task at hand, will produce sweet results….in time.

I wonder where you are avoiding facing your weakness’? I wonder what it would take for you to strive towards a goal just beyond your reach? I wonder what you would need to tell yourself when your inclined to take the easy way out and quit when coming face to face with your weakness’?

Won’t you journey with me on your path to Personal Health and Development?

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