A true gift and treasure….

You might see this picture and think this post is going to be about my beloved Chocolate lab Duchess.

This post is really going to be about my Uncle Bob who is unique, wonderful and very dear to my heart!

Uncle Bob has always been the fun uncle. My mom’s family is a crew of 12 children and the result of that was a large gathering of cousins at family gatherings. Uncle Bob led wild and crazy games. We would have a farting contest and he taught us the words to nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I think I’ll eat some worms….

We laughed and found Uncle Bob to be delightful. As much as I remember the crazy games and funny tactics, I remember clearly the feeling that Uncle Bob enjoyed our presence and was happy to see us!

We all have grown up and Uncle Bob still smiles big and welcomes us with a gentle hello and a kind hug. My nieces and nephews and my cousins kids, all know Uncle Bob enjoys children. He has a big train set and always a joke or funny thing to share. Aunt Anita and Uncle Bob were never blessed with children of their own, but they sure have embraced each of us over the years. Recently at Uncle Bob’s 75th birthday party, a large Yesterdog birthday party was enjoyed by almost all of my aunt, uncles, cousins and their families. It was a wonderful tribute to a very special Uncle.

And so last night I stopped over at their house and enjoyed a lovely happy hour. As we chatted and caught up on life’s happenings, Uncle Bob presented me with a wood carving of my beloved dog Duchess. Uncle Bob took up wood carving as a retirement hobby and his handiwork is amazing. Their home is filled with delightful creations of his hands. The creativity, detail and finishing touches honestly make each piece unique and a true piece of art.

And so, as a gift for my recent Tapestry Party, Aunt Anita and Uncle Bob have given me a true gift and treasure. It is true that I look at it and smile because it so closely resembles my lovable pup, but then my mind quickly see’s Uncle Bob in his wood carving garb and I know this piece of work comes with much love.

Thank you Uncle Bob and Aunt Anita…..I am thankful!



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