‎Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself….

‎”Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

I spent a lot of time trying to find myself. I can vividly remember the thoughts that I was missing the piece I needed to feel whole and content. I thought I might find it in a self-help book or personality quiz. I tried to find it by hanging out with people who seemed to have found the missing piece and prayed and searched and struggled and agonized and wondered if I would ever feel content with who I was…

I now have a favorite saying for others who are trying to find themselves….I will often say, “of this I am sure. Everything you need to live a full life is within you! ”

When I switched from trying to find myself to creating myself, the journey to my heart began.

When I realized that I wasn’t missing anything, but had to journey within myself to discover or create the life for which I longed, my focus changed.

When I was courageous enough to stop searching and start living, I found that life was an invitation to me each day to create the imprint I desired to leave for the day! I know that when I was trying to find myself, I was often very self focused. I lived more alone than in community. When I began to live in community, and allowed others to love me and offer love, forgiveness, grace and compassion to others, I worried less about the missing pieces within me and had more meaning in creating each day….

And so tonight, this quote reminded me of my journey. I am glad that I am no longer searching. Creating and discovering is a delightful journey. Yes, it still holds pain and disappointment, sorrow and grief and pain and rejection but it is nice to know that everything I need to be the person I long to be, is right within my heart.

So, how about you? How are you doing at creating the life you long for?



13 years ago today….

i was in the delivery room to witness the birth of my niece Karolyn Anne.

I remember holding her very soon after her birth and asking God to give this little girl a big heart and a full life….He answered my prayers for sure!

Karolyn Anne is a creative, musical, articulate teenager who loves God, her family and her friends with everything in her. She can be found leading Worship at Church, singing at voice lessons, singing in the car, singing at the house, singing in the bathroom. The only time Karolyn doesn’t sing is in her sleep….(although I would bet she does sing in her dreams!)

She is smart, loves to read, and is a good thinker and problem solver. Karolyn at five years of age told her Mom she did not care for the Saxophone since it had the texture of Jazz. Karolyn thinks about deep things and  comes to amazing conclusions.

I am hoping that being a teenager doesn’t change Karolyn’s desire to come and hang out at my house. She is a delightful house guest who isn’t particular about what we do when we are together, as long as we are enjoying the time we have together. Karolyn’s description of herself  on Facebook includes the following: I love to read and I love to sing. I am funky and outgoing and love to wear really bright clothing. I go to Muskegon Christian School and my faith means a lot to me. My Family and God are all I will ever need to get through life.

Karolyn Anne, you are beautiful in so many ways.  I love how you have grown up in the first 13 years of your life. I am so eager to see what life will hold in the next 13 years. Keep focused on being the best YOU you can be. Be healthy and well, be happy and generous, be kind and forgiving and full of grace.  And don’t forget to live life to the fullest.  Happy Happy Birthday Karolyn Anne….may this year be marked by lots of laughter, continued growth and an even greater awareness of God and his plan for your life!  All my love, Aunt Trish