Double Birthday Joy….

Today I am celebrating two important people in my life.
1931144_46342717768_5409_nAunt Dot was born 20 years before me and that helps me to remember my age. Right now I am 46 but I won’t tell you her age. She is my neighbor, my Aunt, my advisor, my sounding board and my friend. Aunt Dot is a woman of great thoughts and few words. She has impacted my world in my home, my office, my relationships and my heart. She is the incubator for my dreams and a great encourager and cheerleader.

I am so grateful that Aunt Dot and I can share the day to day on Sylvan Ave or travel the world to Mexico, South Africa, London, Hawaii, Canada, or Baldwin Michigan.

I am grateful for all the202293_10151028051097769_29529335_o life we have shared until now and I look forward to the many years ahead I am hopeful we will share. Happy Happy Birthday Aunt Dot. Thanks for investing in and enjoying all the crazy ideas I bring and for being one of my favorite people.

And 19 years ago today, Len and Marcia welcomed their first born Olivia Grace. Olivia is a sweet girl who has always had spunk, sparkle and the ability to stand firm in a storm. She is a woman of strong faith, amazing wonder, growing vulnerability, strong leadership, and deep passion. I admire her courage to move into each day with the willingness to live it fully!


Olivia is currently packing her bags to leave from Harpenden England to
fly to Greece to sail to Turkey and to minister to Syrian refugees. She is full of adventure and still loves home, she is solid in her faith and honest with all her questions, she has journeyed to the pit of grief and is full of joy, loves to be in her play clothes and looks absolutely stunning in the fanciest of dresses.

Olivia Grace, you are a delight to spend time with and it thrills my soul that I get to be your Aunt Trish. I will always support you, encourage you, chIMG_0205eer you on and lift you up. I pray for God’s protection, provision, and deep blessing on you each and every day. I love you tons and tons….forever and ever!

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, Trish and please wish them a Happy Birthday from me as well.

    Aunt Margaret

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