Family Dinner

Tonight was family dinner. I started hosting these a few years back during tax season. During tax season my brother in law works through dinner, and it was helpful for my sister when her kids were younger to have some adult company and support during the dinner hour. As the kids have gotten older, we all still look forward to family dinner.

dinnerisbetterDinner is simple, tonight it was bean soup and meat and cheese buns, and it is not an all-night affair since there is homework and bedtimes and meetings and other things for the rest of us. But there is something so sweet about the time we are together.

Tonight as we were visiting before we served dinner, I was struck by how my 8-year-old niece began suggesting in a light-hearted way that we should eat together every night at the different family member homes. As my Aunt teased her that her kitchen doesn’t know how to cook, she suggested a progressive dinner so she could just provide dessert.

Tonight at Family Dinner I heard my 11-year-old nephew pray that his sister wouldn’t be nervous for her school presentation tomorrow and I smiled at how his kind and tender heart comes out in prayers at the table.

As we continued with family dinner, I felt deep peace. Traditions and memories are being made at family dinner. Conversation is shared at family dinner. And as we wrapped up tonight’s family dinner, there was a question about if we can do it again next week. Yes, we will do family dinner again next week!

Do you have family who lives close to you? Or maybe you have friends who are like family. Consider a standing something, weekly, monthly or even a tea time where you share something enjoyable Life is busy, and it is so easy to miss the opportunity to create space that is low stress and highly enjoyable with people you hold close to your heart! I know for me, family dinner is always a time I am thankful for.





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  1. On my dining room wall, “The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.”
    Try to make them weekly with friends. I am the one to receive the blessing.

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