The sun will come out


I would guess that most everyone knows that song from Annie. I have been reflecting on it the last few days.

This past weekend my Facebook memory popped up from 5 years ago.

64475_10151241639195426_161515565_n.jpgIt was February 18, 2013, and we were gathered to celebrate Christmas. We were celebrating late because my oldest brother was buried on New Years Eve weekend after dying in a car accident a few days before Christmas. None of us were in the space to celebrate Christmas. I remember wondering if we would gather at all that Christmas. It didn’t seem possible or even right. And yet 6 weeks later, we gathered, and it was a painfully sweet time. There were many tears and also laughter. There was a thick ache present as a result of all we had been through, and there were glimpses, ever so small, that Len would live on in each of us in a variety of ways.

And now this picture pops up, and it has been 5 years since we said our goodbye to Len and then awkwardly gathered to celebrate Christmas. I don’t know if I will ever lose the memory of how foreign that first family gathering felt. I think we all wondered how to navigate this new reality, a reality none of us ever saw coming.

Today, I can confidently say, the ache is present but not as deep, the tears flow, but not as often, the memories are shared and often bring a smile or laughter. Recently Len’s 14-year-old son sent me this with this caption: really am missing him!

Jean-Marc who was 9 at the time of the accident, now longs for his Dad in his 14 year old life. And yet to hear his voice and to see him in a video reminds us of our loss but even more of the unique goodness that filled a room when he was present. We will always miss his goodness!

If you are in a season of grief or loss, I want to assure you that the sun will come out again. Maybe not tomorrow, but some tomorrow I trust you will feel the promise and hope of a new day. A day which offers you more hope than pain, more comfort than sorrow and the assurance that the sun will shine again!