I love to celebrate the birthdays of those close to my heart. It is a day when I can generously lavish goodness in creative ways. Although I don’t often plan way ahead, I love it when I think of unique ways to express gratitude for the kindness that fills the soul of the one being honored.

heather5.jpgToday was that day for my soul mate friend Heather. We have known each other a long time, but our friendship began to grow to new depths when we started working together at Visiting Angels about 13 years ago.

When Jane told Heather we had chosen her as our new employee Heather squealed with delight and said she felt as if she had just won American Idol. That is so Heather, she is expressive and full of joy.

Heather and I have not only journeyed our day to day together, but we have also both been involved with Open Heart Ministries where we have committed to the journey of being emotionally healthy individuals who love others well. We have explored what we believe about God, ourselves and others and how that hinders our ability to live out who God heather1created us to be. That my friends is a journey where you grow in heart and admiration for each other. The journey of our hearts is what has created a foundation of friendship that is solid and secure.

Even with a solid and secure foundation of friendship, we do not always see eye to eye. We know each other well enough that we have learned how to fight and resolve our disagreements. We speak honestly, understand each other’s tears, laugh till we cry and can work in total silence or talk for 12 hours straight.

I want to share with you some of the words from Visiting Angel Caregivers about what they enjoy about my dear friend:

It has been a pleasure to work with you and marvel at the impossible tasks you manage each day always with a smile and gentle attitude.  Hope your day is as special as you.  Happy Birthday.

Heather, you have a gentle spirit and loving heart, may you be blessed abundantly on your birthday and throughout the year.  

friendquote2Hope you have a wonderful birthday as you are a beautiful, sweet, kind, thoughtful, and caring gal.  I knew I wanted to work for the Angels because you made such an impression on me when I interviewed with you!  

You were the first person I met at Visiting Angels.  I remember coming from my orientation and feeling that you were a very kind and loving soul. My perception of you has never changed and simply being an employee has turned into being a friend.  I appreciate all you do with the love of Christ in your heart.  Thank you, my friend, and may your special day be VERY special filled with all the good things God can give.
My friend is a beautiful soul, a fantastic woman, a mother, a daughter, a wife, an aunt, a heather3sister, and a niece. She has known deep heartache and great joy! She is full of laughter, love, honesty, kindness, loyalty, and worship.
Happy 43rd Birthday Heather! I am so looking forward to all this year will hold for you and those you love and for us in the adventures that we continue to embrace each and every day!
Love you soul sister, co-worker, and friend!

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