Find Your Tribe: Love Them Hard

I wore one of my favorite shirts today. I don’t love the color (it is black) and they style is the stay at home and lounge kind of look, but I love the words on it!

Find your tribe. Love them hard. — Danielle LaPorte

I feel empowered when I wear it. I have found my Tribe, and I have learned to love hard. I haven’t always been good at loving hard, and I am not good at it in every moment, but my Tribe knows I am committed to loving them hard!

I wonder what resonates most powerfully in these words:

Find: If you haven’t found them keep looking. If you are losing hope of finding your Tribe, don’t give up. We are created for relationships, and I would guess there is an abundance of people in your circles. Your Tribe might be family, but it might not be. Your Tribe might be small circles of people or one larger circle. There is no right or wrong Tribe. 

Your: Yes, your, don’t latch on to someone else’s and stalk them. Claim your people and let them claim you. Tribal work is about commitment, loyalty, and deep and delightful love for one another. 

Tribe: It took me a while to fall in love with the word. Now I find myself fascinated by the concept of Tribe. Name, Claim, and Celebrate your Tribe

Love: I think this means love in unique and creative ways. Know them, what makes them tick, where they struggle, what their longings, dreams, and fears are and love them. Let your love be a verb, an act of kindness, a gentle presence. But love hard!

Them: this isn’t about keeping track of kindness. This is about loving Them. Give yourself entirely, pour yourself into them. When a tribe functions well, everyone is loved as the generous giving and receiving of love is life-giving and abundant

Hard: loving your Tribe isn’t a wimpy kind of love. This is loving on good days and bad days, when we feel offended, insulted, or annoyed. This is loving one another at our best and our worst. 

It sounds so “easy” and “perfect” as I write it out, but it is messy and wonderful, and when I am with people in my Tribe, I feel the freedom to be at ease and fully myself. 

If you have your Tribe be grateful. If you need to find them, do not give up. It is worth it!

Blessed be His Name,


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