Life is different here….

The internet stability has not allowed for much blogging from the Dominican Republic and I have missed writing. I am eager to get back to daily blogging and reflecting on God’s presence in my day-to-day world….

Life is different here….

Len is still close to my heart and Marcia and the kids are never far from my thoughts. I miss calling and checking in with them and the rest of my family, hearing about the kids and their games, and sharing in the day-to-day of how life unfolds….

But the sun shines strong here with a warmth that feels glorious….

The people are gracious here and because I can not speak the language, communication is in hugs, touch and the connecting of our eyes and hearts….

Music is sung here with great zest and passion and worship is evident in so much of what surrounds us….

Sorrow is communicated here as my Mom shared a moment with Daisy who had lost her son and tears connected two very tender hearts…

Churches are built here by ordinary people (and some brilliant team members) who are willing to pound nails, carry bricks block and climb homemade scaffolding….

Children love to play here and the internet and computers do not rob them of their time. A Frisbee. a jump rope or stones to juggle bring much joy….

Water and electricity and food are not as guaranteed….

Life is different here….

Life is sweet here…

Life holds many stories here…

Life is complicated in different ways here….

Life brings smiles, laughter, sorrow, tears and wailing here as well….

Life is different in some ways and oddly similar in others….

Life has been full this past week and it is time to come home to live my life with the many I love….

Pray with us for traveling mercies tomorrow, by car and plane. May our tires stay inflated (flat tire on our bus on the way here) and may each member of our team delight in being home tomorrow as we leave our friends here in the DR in the hands of our loving and gracious God who will provide for all of our needs…both in this beautiful land and at home!


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  1. Have already been praying for you since I knew you are travelling home tomorrow. Have been in touch with your Dad. I have been in the DR years ago with the Bible League and understand what you are writing. Love to you! Aunt Marg.

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