A wonderful smell….

Do you ever have it when a familiar smell brings you right back to a time in your childhood….

It happened again tonight, I was out biking and the smell came over me.

I remember the smell as I was burrowing into my bed. The sheets were crisp and fresh. The feeling and the smell told me my Mom had been busy washing and hanging sheets out to dry while I was busy being a kid….

And so as I biked today I thought to myself, the outdoors smells just like my sheets…..

Or is it that my sheets smelled just like the outdoors….

It is an amazing smell and I am thankful my Mom knew how to bring the fresh outdoors into my sheets.

Take some deep breaths during the freshness of Fall and journey back in your memory. If your Mom also hung out sheets, remember all that goes with the crisp smell of the outdoors.  If she didn’t hang those sheets up to dry, just enjoy the smell for today!

The delight of doing nothing…

I wanted to share a few pictures from our amazing weekend of doing nothing but enjoying everything. I wrote on Saturday about the benefit of doing nothing. I invited you to remember the last time you took time to do nothing and invited you to plan to do nothing sometime soon.

I learned that in doing nothing, wonderful moments unfolded. I think the quality of our time together was very much enhanced by doing nothing. We talked and laughed. We enjoyed one another very much. I wanted to share a few pictures. The pictures aren’t that exciting, except you can see the delight on our faces and the joy in our eyes, of our weekend together of doing nothing.