To Len….

I know not every one is blessed with a big brother, but I am double blessed with two of them.

I wrote a tribute to my brother Nick on his birthday (August 23) and so today, I want a tribute my oldest brother Len.

Len has always been a leader and protector. I think of him as someone who loves adventure. He is a risk taker and very loyal. He is passionate about many good things.

Len has lived life fully. He left home to join the Navy and graduated from Annapolis Naval Academy. I remember when he would call home and I realized boot camp was in some sense fighting for your life. He not only survived, he excelled and my respect for him grew….

And then he would spend months on end on a Nuclear submarine. I had the opportunity to tour a sub and I realized how smart Len is. I met his fellow sailors who had great respect for him and his leadership and my respect for him grew….

And then Len pursued his wife Marcia. I watched the struggle of developing a healthy relationship while down under for six months at a time. I watched Len remain committed to the dreams of his heart and my respect and love for him grew…

And there is nothing like watching your siblings become parents. I don’t think that will ever get old in my heart. Len and Marcia welcomed and loved Olivia and Noah and life was sweet. And then they decided to follow the conviction of their heart and they adopted Sonta and Jean Marc from Haiti. And I saw my brother fight for his children in an amazing way. And my respect and love for him grew….

And over the years, Len has shared his joy, his struggles, his laughter, his great cooking, his knowledge and his heart. This past month at my Tapestry Party he offered a toast. It was delightful to hear his words of love and respect and he led my friends and family in raising their glasses to a “to Trish!”

Today, in celebration of your birthday and even more in celebration of the amazing guy you are….

In your role as brother, son, husband, father and friend, I celebrate you and call out…..TO LEN!

You have my love and respect big brother. I love you!




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