Wow it is light early….

I remember posting more than once on Facebook this past winter about how dark it was in the morning. I remember wondering if it would ever be light again when I opened my eyes.

Well, this morning I was out biking in the brightness by six thirty am and remembered my question of this past winter….

The sun is rising early these days and setting later….

i am delighted to wake up to daylight and I am going to be grateful every day, because we all know…winter will be here again soon enough….

I hope you are able to enjoy the sun and the daylight.

I hope you are able to marvel at the change of seasons and the beauty of summer…

I hope you are able to hear the birds sing…

I hope you will live fully in the moment….in the daylight and in the darkness!


Sunrise: 6:04am
Sunset: 8:55pm


Sunrise: 6:03am
Sunset: 8:56pm

Sunrise: 6:02am
Sunset: 8:57pm

Sunrise: 6:01am
Sunset: 8:58pm

Sunrise: 6:01am
Sunset: 8:58pm

Sunrise: 6:00am
Sunset: 8:59pm

Sunrise: 6:00am
Sunset: 9:00pm

Sunrise: 5:59am
Sunset: 9:01pm

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