A great app…

Today I found the fooducate app for my iPhone. 

As many of you know I am on a wellness journey. I continue to learn about good hard workouts and have to say that the workout process is pretty cut and dry. I wire up with my heart rate monitor and I work to get my heart rate into a certain zone. It is pretty logical and doesn’t take a lot of thinking….just alot of doing!

Now, nutrition is another factor. What to eat, when to eat it and how to manage hunger, water and balanced diet is much more confusing to me. I am confident that I am no longer making the worst choices. I know that I am also rarely making the best choices. I continue to navigate the many things to learn. Tonight, I find this Fooducate app quite intriguing.

This is how it works….

The iPhone scans a barcode on any food label and then provides information about that food and gives the food a grade. It also will provide better alternatives.

Before Church this morning, I started to go through my cupboards. I think I have pretty healthy options in my kitchen.

Currently my kitchen report card would consist of the following:

A, B+. D+, C, B, C-. B, B, B-, C, A-, B+, B, B-

Now, again what this shows me is I am not making the worst choices, but I can definitely improve as well.

Some interesting things I learned…

My natural peanut butter is only a B+ because natural is an unregulated term. There are pretty strict regulation for Organic, but don’t be fooled by the term Natural….hmmm, good to know!

My no preservative turkey which I add to salad every day at lunch is a C. The reason for this is artificial flavoring. I feel a bit deceived in this one but Fooducate offers me alternatives that rank much higher and can bring up my GPA…

Now perhaps you are someone who likes Sweet Baby Rays for barbecue  sauce. Well, there are for sure better options than this one…

There is more sugar in each serving than any other ingredient.

Each serving has four tsp of sugar…

Contains high fructose corn syrup…

Contains sodium benzoate and benzoic acid….

And of course the worst grade (D+) in the kitchen is Diet Coke. A good reminder again, that water is the best option. Due to controversial artificial sweeteners and the phosphoric acid. I am committing again to water and not going to even take the time to read up on effects of phosphoric acid. What I know is it isn’t good….And water gets an A which would help my GPA once again!

And so, this is a very interesting app that can help move me from mediocre to optimum. I  know that I thought my Arnold’s sandwich thins would surely be an A, but they are not 100% whole grain and better would be to purchase is Trade Joe’s multi grain fiber bread or weight watchers multi grain bread.

So much to learn….

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

2 thoughts on “A great app…”

  1. Hi Trish!

    This is a neat app! You may already know this, but I learned that regulated organic products will have a green USDA Organic circle on it. That makes it easy for me when buying food for us! Have a great day, healthy friend!! 🙂


  2. And realize in life, there has to be balance in our food as well. This app sounds really helpful to provide knowledge about food items. In addition, as supporteded with research is attention to serving size. There is a very interesting website that shows how portion sizes have been distorted in America: http://hp2010.nhlbihin.net/portion/

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