Struggle well….

Today I had two  conversations with two friends who are struggling. They are good conversations to have, not because my friends are struggling, but because honest words are shared…

I have learned some valuable lessons about struggling over the last few years….

I have learned that struggling is normal and if we live life honestly, we all have areas of struggle….

I have learned that struggling offers me two choices….

invites me to think like a victim, pointing the finger at others who have created my situation


invites me to honestly identify what is happening and what will I need to call forth to move through this area of struggle…

I have learned that struggling can be a very lonely place to be, but when I am willing to risk sharing my struggle, I often feel supported and loved…

I have learned that struggling invites me to call out to God in new ways. Often I can identify a faulty thought process or something I am believing about God or others in the midst of my struggle….

It is hard to watch friends struggle, but I am thankful that I have learned to sit with them and not take it on acting as if it is my responsibility to rescue them.

I believe in the integrity of both friends who are in very different struggles

I believe in the power of prayer and encouraging words…that in time, they will find themselves hopeful again….

I believe in the truth that struggling well develops our faith, our character and our hearts….

I believe that living honestly in the midst of our struggles allows us to journey with others in their struggles…

I am grateful for those who have modeled for me, encouraged me and invited me to struggle well…

I want my friends to do the same…and so I will love them and sit with them….and trust that in time this to shall pass!

Another favorite….

Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind, even if your voice shakes!

~ Maggie Kuhn

I have had a full day and this quote caught me tonight as I walked by my fridge. It is a good one and a good reminder to welcome courage and not lose our voices.

I send this quote with my friend Mike as he speaks this weekend to a group of firefighters in New York about what it means to fight for their own life….not just the lives of others!

Share your story, my brother and friend. I am praying that God will speak through your words and bring purpose to your story, even the most painful parts!

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