laughter is good medicine….

A few months back my sister invited my mom, aunt and I to join her and her girls on a venture of second-hand shopping. We have a map to follow and will be hitting second-hand stores throughout Traverse City.

So today was the day we packed up and headed north. We arrived in Manistee about 3pm and are staying the night here since the affordable Traverse hotels were all filled up. We enjoyed a bit of shopping in this small town, a dinner out and lots of laughter as we sat and visited. As a matter of fact, we laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

There is something so refreshing when being out with “the girls”. Everyone seems to get along and is happy. We do goofy things that somehow I don’t see us doing when we have our well-rounded male family members.  Time passes slowly in a very pleasant kind of way!

I am happy tonight as I close my eyes to sleep. I biked for an hour first thing this morning and after that got a hard workout in. I am anticipating some big changes in my diet next week and so this weekend am savoring some foods I am going to say good-bye to for a while. I have delighted in conversations and laughter and am looking forward to more of the same tomorrow. God has been good to me and tonight I feel very grateful!

It is my hope that you will take some time to laugh this weekend. Feel the delight of your soul and enjoy the moment of wordless joy!

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