Oh, how I long to be a person of routine…..kind of.

wordstolivebyOh, how I long to be a person of routine…..kind of.

I long for it until I try it, then I find myself feeling stifled and a bit bored with life. And yet I admire people around me every day who seem to live with a sense of structure that I do not.

I find that when I enter a day that way, comparing myself to others, it rarely proves to be a life giving kind of day. But honestly, the struggle for routine has been a real one in my life.

I often wonder if this is about how I am wired, personality, the fact that I am single or a deep rooted fault of mine?

And yet, as I have tried many different things, I have begun to commit to two things. The first is that I can choose to live intentionally and in that intentional living, I am able to carry out more routine than when I am living mindlessly.

The second is honoring the words of some of the words I am choosing to live by….I will never change my life until I change something I do daily. The secret of my success is found in my daily routine.

I am learning that I can be a person of spontaneity and routine. It is imperative I focus on the right choices for where I practice spontaneity and where I practice routine.

I am someone who has had big life goals but not always been very good at breaking them down to my daily routine.

If we could sit and visit together I would ask you what changes in your life you are hoping for. I have found this to be a great journaling question or discussion question with those you enjoy conversing with. When you are ready to get down to business, begin to consider what changes you will make in your daily routine. to get there. I will be making some lists in the coming days. And starting to live faithfully by them. Feeling hopeful for some positive changes as a result of my blessed routine.

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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