ellie on the run…

Today my niece Ellie participated in Girls on the Run. I did not make it to cheer her on, but I can almost feel the momentum and excitement and envision the great sense of accomplishment felt by each and every runner.

My cousin Renee took pictures at the Grand Haven location and I wanted to share a few of those with you. They beautifully depict the feelings that fill the air….

Girls on the run is about much more than running the race. It is about the shaping of young hearts and inviting them to believe in themselves and offering 100% in everything they do. It is a phenomenal program…

And even though Girls on the Run is about much more than the race, I wanted you to know that my beautiful, athletic, horse loving, fun-loving speedy niece Ellie ran her 5 k this morning in just over 22 minutes. She gave it her all and ended in tears because she pushed herself harder than her body was used to, but she did it and she did amazing and she IS amazing….I love you Ellie. Way to Go!  

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3 thoughts on “ellie on the run…”

  1. LOVE this….running can provide so many opportunities to see new places and meet new people as well as providing time to reflect (all those lonely miles give one time to really think).

    Oh…and her time was GREAT. Go Ellie!!

  2. Awesome job Ellie!!! It really is such a great program and all the girls are so inspiring! I wish I could have taken pics of Ellie crossing the finish line!

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