Working side by side…

 Many hands make light work.   

There have been many nights I thought about sweeping off my deck. I have one of those helicopter trees and they quickly accumulate and then get tracked into the house. The day light goes well into the evening and yet I still don’t accomplish this task.

Tonight I had a plan, I invited 7-year-old Peter over to use the blower and to work along side of me. It is just more fun with two and I knew the evening would be a great one to work outdoors. My sister called and said they all would be willing to come. At first I thought, that is not needed, but then was quite touched and started to plan out the evening.

Andy, Suzi, Peter, Isaiah and Johanna came through the door ready to work. Peter and Suzi tackled the deck. Andy set up my outdoor speaker and helped me clean out my garage. Peter and Isaiah walked across the street to place the stepping stone at Aunt Dot’s house and then they helped me clean out my car. Johanna filled up Dutchess’s food dish and blew bubbles.

We spent just over 60 minutes together and my outdoors and garage look great. I realize that tackling these outdoor projects are difficult for me alone. I am thankful for family that is willing to dive in with me.

I wonder where I might offer my hands this week to encourage someone else….may I live every day offering my heart and my hands so that someone else will marvel at how true it really is that  Many hands make light work.   

Author: trishborgdorff

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