New life….

I feel like I came out of the Journey retreat and Spring has sprung!

I took a walk today and saw flowers blooming, trees budding, grass is greener and the air smells fresh.

I came home and opened all my windows and wondered if the season has finally arrived when the windows can remain open.

I love Spring and we have waited a long time for it, but in some fashion, that makes it all the sweeter!

I was struck by the beauty of new life!

At the end of our journey retreat, four people came forward to be baptized in Lake Michigan. It was a glorious moment and delightful to be able to witness. The imagery of immersion baptism very much reminds me of new life! I have included the link to the video if you would like to witness this Amazing Grace moment from your home!

Tonight I am thankful I can celebrate new life in more than one way!

I leave you with one of my favorite pictures from the week. A picture of a father celebrating the baptism and life of his son….and both are dear and wonderful people in my life’s journey!

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