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Today I spent time preparing Beef Stew for Sunday dinner. I am hosting my family, and due to some limited table space in my kitchen, it often works best to make a one-dish meal. So with some consultation, Beef Stew was selected for the menu.

coloredpotatos.jpgThis morning at Costco I had expected to find the carrots and potatoes and be on my way. As I glanced at the potatoes, I saw a 5lb bag of colorful potatoes. They were a perfect size, and I will admit, I was drawn to the colors. I began to envision a stew that wasn’t just brown meat and golden potatoes but was delighted that this Beef Stew would have a splash of color.

As I went to find the bag of carrots, I have to admit, I was almost giddy. Never did I evencoloredcarrots.jpg consider that I would discover colorful carrots. All of a sudden the whole Beef Stew Dish was becoming delicious, not only in imagined flavor but also in presentation.

One of my goals for 2018 is to increase in my kitchen skills and to become comfortable in working with foods from the earth. I am learning that the enjoyment of foods from the ground is much greater than I ever dreamed of. I am looking forward to serving colorful stew to some of my favorite people.

I wonder if you have considered color in the foods you consume each day? Give it some thought, go explore the produce section and live the adventure of colorful nutrition that comes from the earth.

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  1. Yummy! Except for the weather, I wish I were there😋😋😋

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  2. Love this! You would love the potato variety in Peru! There are at least a thousand (yes!) varieties of potatoes! They have excellent flavor too! joyce

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  3. And a vision of heaven…so colorful and rich! May your Kindom come, dear Lord, here on earth as it is in heaven…

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