Happy Birthday Ryan James

I remember the day my nephew Ryan was born. I was recovering from major surgery in the hospital and was thrilled to get the call from London England that my nephew had arrived. I wondered if I would ever really know Ryan. It felt like Nick and Jonna lived so far away (which they did) but they soon left England and moved within driving distance. I love this little guy from a distance, but i learned to know him and love him all the more as he got a little older….

And as Ryan has grown and matured, I have seen so many wonderful attributes unfolding…

Ryan is much-loved by his cousins….

I think what I love best is how Ryan can interact with any one of his cousins (or any of us adults for that matter). He knows how to enter into the world of whomever he is with…and he does it well!  

Ryan also has become more than an athlete, he is a competitor. I have watched Ryan compete in  baseball, football, basketball and wrestling. I have celebrated in his winning and I have watched him struggle in his losing. I will say though, that one thing that rarely leaves Ryan in either winning or losing, is his perspective. Ryan is level-headed, and even in his passion and emotion, he comes back around quickly and has an ability to recognize and discuss the pros and cons of the game or meet. I love that in being Ryan’s aunt, I can see him as an incredible athlete, encouraging teammate and always a winner! And I believe my perspective is right on in that!

And so, happy 13th birthday to my dear Ryan James. I love your heart, your wit, your humor, your creativity, your love for your family and friends, and your perspective on life. I am thankful that God chose our family for you to grow up in and I am honored to be your aunt. I look forward to laughing as you share your humor, celebrating as your share your achievements and delighting in your day-to-day life. I commit to praying for you each and every day and supporting you fully on your good (and even more on your not so good) days!

Enjoy being 13, live life to its fullest and never forget the wonder that is within you!

Love you,

Aunt Trish

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