Wondering about the weather…

I have given a lot of time and energy lately to wondering about the weather.

It seems that this season our weather is very unpredictable. In Grand Rapids, we has varied 30 some degrees between days but we have not suffered the destruction and power outages that others have around the nation. And yet, as I think of my friends in Joplin or the people of New Orleans and Tennessee, I recognize the power of weather in a new way this Spring season…

And every day as I wonder about the weather, I remember a poem that really says it like it is…

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We’ll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!

                                  ~author unknown

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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