Capturing sweet moments…

FullSizeRender-1Tonight I celebrated Christmas with my sister and brother in law and their family. It is a tradition and always a lovely time. This year this celebration is at the end of the list, and there are no more gifts under the tree. There is a twinge of sadness for me that Christmas 2017 has come to a close, and there is also a wave of relief. IMG_2338

This Christmas has been a good year of sweet moments. We have traditions that have continued including poem writing with our gifts, Christmas clues (see earlier blog) and an abundance of photos. We had our last family picture taken

RK Big family2 months before Len died in a car accident. Since then, I must say, I value photos and capturing the joy and relationships we share. Are you remembering to capture your sweet moments every once in a while? Are you cherishing the chaos of the holidays and the quiet moments you have with those you love?

IMG_2279As this Christmas season comes to a close and we move into a new year, remember to hold those you love close and keep short accounts. Live honestly and share your joys, your delight, your laughter, your struggles, heartache, and tears with one another.

May the days after Christmas and each day in 2018, hold as much joy and goodness as Christmas Day itself. Let us carry the kindness, generosity, and goodness of the season into every day forward.



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