New Pope impacts other faiths…

I am thankful to have grown up with an understanding of the world being a big place…

I realize as an adult it takes an intentional effort to be aware of global issues.

To remember that the struggles of the world are bigger than what I encounter every day….

To recognize how blessed I am, even in the midst of my very real hardships….

I am thankful that my parents have always encouraged me to travel and experience the world….

Tonight I am thankful that my Dad has a passion for faith development in people’s hearts all over the world.

Recently when my brother died, we received kind thoughts literally from all over the world. It reminded me of my Dad’s involvement with people over the years….

This clip from tonight’s news is again a reminder of my Dad’s ability to think globally and share his vision for the faith community world-wide….

And due to technical difficulties, the video was sent as a separate clip…

May your day-to-day world never lose sight of global issues…..

Please join me in praying for so much around the world….

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