A double-edged sword….

that is what I thought often today as I struggled through my dependence on technology. I am planning for a party on Friday and had spent many many hours on a video. I learned today my computer was over come by a virus and everything is gone. I have worked now for many hours straight to recreate what I have lost. I keep thinking as it is now well into the morning hours, how I could have done without computers today. Yet as I see what I can create, I realize I could not live without a computer….such a double-edged sword.

And so I will call it a long day and a short night and I will hope and pray my system is protected from all viral attacks for a long time. In the meantime, I remain grateful for technology and all it can do. I am also reminded that perspective is likely one of the most important things we can practice each and every day!

I will share my video after my party….it is quite fun if I say so myself!


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