It was an interesting day to track my Facebook friends and how they adapt to change….

Now, remember, this is not about serious life change or relationship changes….this is about changes to Facebook….

The first thing I found a bit distressing was the strong language of hate….now maybe I am old-fashioned, but hate is not an everyday word in my mind. I was struck that if we would all be as engaged with the injustices around us as we are with changes in Facebook, our communities may be different. If we hated abuse and poverty and put our energy there, maybe we could impact the wrongs that surround us. If the news picked up on the story of the day because we were all posting about something life changing, like they covered the Facebook change tonight, maybe media would help to bring about changes for good….

And then I found a great post….it brought perspective…

Remember my friends, Facebook is a tool that we are fortunate to even access to. In our culture where we not only can afford computers and internet, we also have phones that connect us all the time. I don’t want to sound to crazy about this, but honestly, it is Facebook and in some fashion, all this emotion behind a Facebook change feels like we have lost perspective….

When Facebook gets you to the point of disgust or frustration, turn off your computer and go connect with someone face to face and talk about an issue that really matters!





A picture’s worth 1000 words…

I am still marveling in the memories of My Tapestry Party. A party that I created to celebrate the tapestry of my life. I often envision my life as many different strands, that alone, may not appear beautiful, but when woven together, into a tapestry, beauty is revealed and discovered. I will blog again soon about this more fully, but today, let me share with you a few picture’s that are worth 1000 words! The first collage is a flavor of the classy and fun setting, the second collage is some of the faces of those whose stories has interwoven with mine, the third is my goofy and wonderful nieces and nephews and the last is the dance and celebration. Celebrating the evening, but much more….celebrating the relationships that have contributed to my tapestry of life. To God be the Glory!

Well, perhaps these pictures represent more than 1000 words, but I trust it gives you a flavor of why I am still basking in the love and celebration….it was wonderful!