Conserving energy….

Throughout my day today, I had different blog topics come to mind for tonight, but tonight, I am going to write a quick note on conserving energy….

The scene is this: Aunt Dot, My parents and I sitting in our room at the Carlton, a historic hotel in Chicago, sipping wine and discussing how lovely of an evening we had shared with Nick and Jonna and the boys. A wedding reception echos in the background, three floors below. In a flash, it is dark. The power is out and the air very still. After a chuckle or two, we settle into our beds by light of the computer. Thankful for my phone, I can connect to the internet for a brief time, before that to loses its power.

And so I end today with the thoughts of conserving energy. I think of the many transitions that occur post labor day. The transition to the change of seasons, the transition back to school, the transitions from cottages and vacations to daily routine. I think of the energy it takes for each of us in our transitions and I wonder what you will do to ensure you have enough energy to transition well. I wonder if you are often worn out and spent by the end of the day? I wonder if you conserve so much energy that you rarely feel the deep sense of being spent. We all function in a certain way for a reason. Much of it I would guess serves us well and can be left as it is. But I wonder where you would like to see change in your conserving or spending of your energy?

I know that I am continuing to find the balance of spending my energy well. I am working on not being an all or nothing thinker when it comes to this. I find I am either working out and very busy or crashed on my couch allowing myself one day off. I would like to find a healthy balance in my spending and conserving of my energy as I transition into fall and enjoy my new routines….

And so, as I wrap up today in a dark hotel, I wonder if there will be energy flowing in the morning. I can be assured of this, if the lights are on, or if they are not, I will awaken refreshed and ready to go at it again tomorrow. I am thankful His mercies are new every morning!


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