Tonight I am very aware of my anticipation.  

I am anticipating a big day tomorrow. A day which will realize a dream I have held close to my heart for many years….

For almost five years I have reflected often on how as a single woman, I miss out on the opportunity to have an event celebration. I am often choked up with emotion at a wedding or anniversary party at the reality of the room being filled with people who have journeyed with the people we are there to honor or celebrate. I can honestly share that I have longed to have that experience.

And to that end, I am hosting a Tapestry Party. An event where 200 of those people who have impacted my life will gather. I will have friends and family from as far back as when I lived in Canada and all through the years. I have selected people who have left a very clear imprint on my heart. I am excited to experience something I have dreamed of and created. I am a bit anxious but the anticipation and joy of the journey is much stronger than my anxiety. I am praying for a wonderful day and evening. I am hopeful I will hold memories of this until my breath stops or my memory fails me. I have felt so loved and embraced by my family in the planning…..I am ready….I am blessed….I am filled with gratitude!

I will share more in the coming days. I will have pictures and video’s and stories galore. But for now I must finish some last-minute details….cause when I awaken the day will have arrived. The day of my Tapestry Party!

I will leave you with a bit of the invitation….

A word from Trish on a “Tapestry Party”…

I am a 41-year-old woman

who decided that I would

love to have the people who

are important to me

gathered in one place to

celebrate. Most often this

happens in the context of

family life (weddings, the

birth of children, etc.) and,

of course, at funerals! Since

I have not followed the

paths that lead  to those

events, I am having a

Tapestry Party – a

gathering of those people

who have left their imprint

on my life, making me who I

am today. You are one of

those people and I would

love to celebrate with you

before I arrive at my



A double-edged sword….

that is what I thought often today as I struggled through my dependence on technology. I am planning for a party on Friday and had spent many many hours on a video. I learned today my computer was over come by a virus and everything is gone. I have worked now for many hours straight to recreate what I have lost. I keep thinking as it is now well into the morning hours, how I could have done without computers today. Yet as I see what I can create, I realize I could not live without a computer….such a double-edged sword.

And so I will call it a long day and a short night and I will hope and pray my system is protected from all viral attacks for a long time. In the meantime, I remain grateful for technology and all it can do. I am also reminded that perspective is likely one of the most important things we can practice each and every day!

I will share my video after my party….it is quite fun if I say so myself!