Today we spent time looking at the lesson on My Journey with Brokenness. It was a fascinating study and gave me much to reflect on….

When I think of brokenness I find myself wondering what I might have to offer to my community in my brokenness….

I would like to give you a few thoughts to ponder this week….

God’s perspective on brokenness:

Broken soil produces a crop…

Broken clouds give rain…

Broken bread strengthens and nourishes us…

Crushed grapes give wine…

A broken alabaster box releases a sweet fragrance….

I wonder what comes to mind for you and if you can identify a time you have been broken. I believe it is in our brokenness that we seek and need God most. For when we are self-sufficient often our need for God is diminished. I know that I often find ways to avoid living with a broken and contrite heart and yet it is what I sing in worship about and pray for God to do. This week I am committed to inviting and embracing my brokenness, trusting and believing that God will use my broken and contrite heart for His glory!


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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

One thought on “Brokenness….”

  1. Brokenness, brokenness is what I long for
    Brokenness is what I need (gotta be broken)
    Brokenness, brokenness is what You want for me, for me
    So take my heart, and mold it
    Take my mind, transform it
    Take my will, conform it, to Yours, to Yours, O Lord

    your post immediately got me singing this song

    and yes I have been completely shattered many times and God has used it for good.

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