filling my beds…

Tonight is part of what I love about my life. I planned for a quiet night home. It has been a busy week, and my brain is full. I received a text today from Sonta: can I sleep over? Absolutely I said!

Tonight I learned Olivia was driving in from Detroit to hang out with Karolyn. Can we sleep over? Absolutely I said!  I picked Karolyn up at 8 and Olivia will arrive soon.

And the amazing thing is that Karolyn is working on her computer in the other room and Sonta is upstairs calling it a day after a long week. I am home, it is quiet, and I have some of those I love the most right in my house with me. I had a sweet texting conversation with my nephew, and we are making plans to watch two basketball games tomorrow of the cousins.

I am committed to more routine and structure this year in the spaces where spontaneity sabotages my goals. But spontaneity is also a gift and rolling with it and letting my beds fill up is one of my favorite things.

I wonder where spontaneity will show up in your weekend in a way that offers you some of what you deeply enjoy and not throw you totally off track. Enjoy where goodness surprises you and enriches your life. At the end of a busy week with lots of questions and unknowns, I am aware of God’s incredible goodness. I am grateful! auntrishandkids


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