Hanging onto hope…

I have noticed something lately that I want to name. It is not something I am proud of, but I have become more aware of it in these last weeks. We have been dealing with an ongoing caregiver shortage at Visiting Angels. I wish it were something that we were doing wrong and could quickly change, but it isn’t that simple. We have tried many things including job fairs and facebook ads. Getting people in the door is hard. We have a few people schedule interviews and never show up. It is a real problem and one that does not change by positive thinking or the commitment to never give up.

I have noticed that my brain is weary as a result of this and my capacity feels like it is shrinking some. A shortage of caregivers brings other struggles, causing us to turn away services to people in need. My co-workers said to me last week, it just isn’t fun to say no to people when they call for care. People call with the hope we will help, and we have to say we can not assist you at this time. We do our best to offer perspective and invite them to call back, but will we have more caregivers tomorrow, or the next day?

But I learned a valuable lesson this week about how I am approaching my day to day. I have begun to believe that things aren’t possible. Not everything, but little things. A client asking for a new caregiver or adding hours, my first thought is that it just isn’t possible. Well, I was in one of those spaces and saying to my co-worker, it just isn’t possible and she said how about this? She had a solution that would work, and I had entirely missed it. It was evident to me I was shutting my mind and eyes to possibility. I am so very thankful for that lesson. I have recommitted to embracing a perspective that is all about potential. Believing that there is an option for most everything we will encounter if I am willing to consider every angle.

I am still weary and hoping for 15 more caregivers to walk through our door and apply for work. I am still uncertain of how a change will come to be, but I am committed to holding onto hope. I believe that we will continue to carry out our mission every day. I am choosing to focus on the many times we can and do say yes to new clients because we do have possibilities and I want to believe that this too will pass and God will prepare the way. And we have 55 amazing caregivers who go forth every day and provide excellent care. There is so much to be grateful for.

I wonder where you might be weary and fatigued and shutting your eyes to possibility. I hope you also have someone in your world who will remind you of all that is possible. Don’t lose hope my friends in spaces you feel weary and uncertainhope. Consider all that is possible and never forget to always hang onto hope!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

One thought on “Hanging onto hope…”

  1. Thanks for your vulnerability. May God give you “daily bread” today. Will pray again tomorrow!

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