Comfort and Joy

This morning I got home about 6 am from my workout, and I was blogging about my rough day yesterday. It is always good to see how any situation can diffuse so much with some rest and time. As I recounted my repairman experience, I was aware that it had lost some of the energy and I was grateful.

As I wrote I had my music playing.

I began to sing along with Welcome To Our World. This song has deep meaning as it is one that was sung at Len’s funeral. It always kind of stops me in my tracks as I can feel the memory in my heart and I can hear the promise-filled words. And then two songs later was Amazing Grace. I sang along and teared up. Yes, another song from Len’s funeral. And as I was getting ready to head to the office In Christ Alone came on. Can it be? Three songs that we sang in our grief five years ago now play within 30 minutes time on my Pandora.

I had to smile. Comfort and Joy. These words have marked my Christmas season and this year I prayed that I would be very aware of God’s provision of both. This morning felt like the perfect gift of both the comfort and the Joy of the promises brought in each of these songs. The Joy of God’s gift to me in my home as I prepared for the day. The timing of having Len’s son Noah overnight and feeling how Len’s life continues through this handsome, funny, spontaneous, caring, loving, extravagant college-age kid. It was a sweet perfect moment where God met me and reminded me how much He cares. I will carry that close in the coming days!

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