Mother knows best…

frankfort groupToday it was clear to me that I should have listened to my mother.

We were about to turn into a parking lot that had only been marginally tended by the plow and with the recent snow falls it was messy at best. But we had been searching and there was one spot open and I figured all would be well. As I was turning in, she asked, “are you sure?” I confidently said, “yes, it will be fine.”

And then for the next hour, I had slip sliding away playing in my head as I tried to get up that small hill. It was evident to me that snow-covered mound was actually pure ice. After my Dad, sister, brother in law, two nephews and Ryan from Allegro Coaching came to my aid, we were finally able to leave the lot.

As we pulled away, I mentioned to my Mom, I promise I will remember next time that Mother knows best!

Then I went to the Holiday Pops with some good friends and we stopped in the bathrooms before it began. Two sisters were using the stall next to me and I heard the older one say, remember Mom has always told us that it doesn’t matter if we aren’t the best, as long as we try. Well, that is true in the bathroom too, you have to try to go before the show. I smiled and thought to myself, another example that Mother knows best.

As we move into this week before Christmas, I am keenly aware of all the tasks a mother masters to get ready for Christmas and ensure that all is prepared for each family member and often extended family members as well.

Take time this week to thank the mother or mothers in your life who manage so many details of the day to day all year long.  Honor them in some special way this Christmas and make sure their stocking isn’t empty and there are gifts under the tree with the name of MOM on them. Always remember, when you are in a pinch, listen to that voice in your heart, the voice of your mother and remember that often, mother’s know best!


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