Congratulations you passed…

Such sweet words at the end of a driving test…

20110831194018548_0005Olivia Grace passed her driving test today and I am so proud….

I was the lucky aunt who accompanied her….

Olivia is a good driver but she was expressing her growing anxiety as we were approaching the testing site….

We stopped at the cones to practice the parking and it was increasing anxiety instead of relaxing my sweet niece….

And so we stopped practicing, said a prayer together, talked about how much her Dad would have loved to be there with her and reported in for the test…

I was asked to wait inside while Olivia did the parking test. I stood by the window, alone in the office, and watched her move my vehicle through the different stations. I did a little dance with the completion of each one.  I found myself delighting in her success and aching for Len to be there for this moment with his 16-year-old daughter.

And then they came to the door and picked me up for the road test. I don’t often sit in the back seat of my own car, but this time I took that place with pride. Olivia was precise, intentional, careful, bold and chatty. It was fun to sit in the back and observe, delight and be amazed at how fast she has grown up.  And so this morning Olivia did not have the freedom to drive alone and at the end of the day,she is a newly licensed driver.

And so tonight, my prayer before I sleep is offered in a bit of a different way…. Dear Lord, I am entrusting Olivia Grace  to your hands, praying you will stay near to her, protect her and keep her safe.  amen and amen

I love you Livi Lou and am so proud of you.

olivia grace

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    1. And I have one amazing sister in law in Marcia. So thankful you came to our family and enlarged our family in your love with Len. I love you and will journey with you each and every day!

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