Listening to my body…

This is my current Facebook status:

Isaiah is sleeping over. He told me his bedtime is 815 and although he likes the idea of staying up later on Friday, his body doesn’t really know what day it is. He crawled in bed to watch Scooby Doo and at 815 exactly he was out. Gotta love a six-year-old who knows how to listen to what his body needs! ♥

As I wrote it, I began to realize that I have not been listening to my body very well.

It really is the basics….water, sleep, exercise, nutrition….

I know it has to do with how busy I allow myself to be, but it also strikes me how easy it is to drown out the needs of my body….water, sleep, exercise and nutrition.

I have come a long way on my journey of understanding my basic needs…

I have come a long way in measuring and weighing my foods….

I have come a long way in recognizing that 3 oz of chicken and 12 almonds is sufficient….


then I realize how easily I am distracted and how quickly I sacrifice what I know to be best for what I am craving in the short-term…

then I realize how easily I let my schedule interrupt my plan…

and then I realize that I am convinced but not yet convicted…

convictionMy goal in the next 30 days is to listen to my body and let my heart leap off the cliff of conviction!

And with that I am going to finish my last glass of my one gallon of water for the day and get my 8 hours of sleep!




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