Dinner with the Queen…

Tonight I felt like I was invited to dinner with the Queen…

I received a call midday and Johanna said, “will you come to dinner, and guess who will be there?”

Dinner with the queen








It wasn’t arrogant and it wasn’t bratty. It was a genuine confidence that I would be delighted to dine in her presence.

I bet you can guess that I went to dinner and conversation was light and full of joy. She enjoys being grown up enough to sleep at my parents by herself and she enjoys a gathering of people to converse with. She is learning to ask questions and eager to tell us about Preschool at Living Stones Academy or how her and Beppe filled bird feeders and gardened.

And yet as I reflect on the delight of her announcing her presence, I began to wonder

…at what age we lose the delight in our own presence?

…at what age do we begin to worry about what we have to offer?

…at what age do we begin to wonder if we will have anything to converse about?

…at what age do we become to distracted by work, relationships, cell phones, Ipads and computers and stop offering the delight of our own being to others?

Tonight I felt as if I was invited to dinner with the queen. The queen happened to be four years old, but nonetheless, it was delightful to be in her presence. I want to believe that my presence will bring good things to others. I want to invite others to dinner with the same joy that announces…

Guess who will be there….ME!

I hope you find spaces in your day-to-day to be confident in what you bring and surrounded by others who delight in what you offer!

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

2 thoughts on “Dinner with the Queen…”

  1. So true, Trish! How many times don’t we go somewhere “for the other person” rather than for ourselves. And is n’t that because we feel that our presence will delight them? Not because we are so great to be with, but because we visit with them out of love for them. Oma would say:”And then the first blessing ends up to be for yourself.” I have often found that to be true. Have a blessing filled day. Aunt marg

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