Just a dog….

If you are in my life, or on my Facebook, you likely know about my dog Dutchess.

IMG_5651I never really loved dogs, nor did I really ever plan to have my own dog, but one weekend the idea came over me and I went out and found this very cute puppy.

They were asking more than I was willing to pay, so I offered considerably less and they accepted. I drove away a bit in shock that I now owned a puppy and she could be picked up in two weeks.

So, two weeks later I picked her up on a Sunday afternoon and realized she was too small to stay home alone all day. Being a business owner, I thought I would bring her to work for a while. I packed her up in a laundry basket and off we went. That was 4.5 years ago. She has been to the office almost every day since.

I have never stayed home because of Dutch and so whenever someone dog sits, I remind them she is “just a dog” and if anything happens I will not hold them responsible.

I have told all the neighborhood kids if Dutch ever tries to run on a walk, drop her leash and do not let her strength hurt them, because she is “just a dog” and people are always more important than dogs.

I have grown to love Dutch and we make quite a pair. But each time I enter the Vet’s office, I remind myself she is “just a dog” and if there is something wrong, I need to consider how much I would spend.

And so over time, Dutch has grown in height and stature and loves to learn new things. This week Dutch started agility training. We were in IMG_2399a room with four other dogs and their owners. Dutch is much more used to people than dogs, and can be a bit barky if others dogs invade her space. Well, this one dog, (who suffers with anxiety their owner said,) invaded and Dutch quickly communicated to this dog to back off. The instructor suggested I take Dutch over to the corner for her to settle down.

I could feel everything rise up within me.

Me, take my dog to the corner…..

IMG_0605And I realized in that moment that my dog who is “just a dog” had effectively woven herself deep into my heart. I restrained from blaming the anxiety ridden dog. Dutch and I walked to the corner and I whispered to Dutch, “it’s ok girl, it wasn’t your fault.” 🙂

My dog is a “just a dog” and people will always be more important but as long as I can have both in my life, I will be grateful for the many ways Dutch enhances my days and brings fun, unconditional love and adventure to my world.

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. I am glad you are back! I have missed your writings. Hope you are still recovering nicely. Glad you enjoyed dinner with “the queen”. love, b

  2. I so get that! I love Alice like crazy too, so much love, fun oh, and hair….. “Just a dog” can brighten days in so many beautiful ways. Thanks for sharing

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