I came to visit my Aunt today in Canada. She broke her hip last Sunday and had surgery on Tuesday. Aunt Dot and I thought it might encourage her to see some faces from the states. We walked into her room and she was just waking up from a little nap. She seemed tired and yet worked hard to have conversation with us. When we were orienting her to the day and explaining why Physical Therapy had not yet arrived, she paused and said, “oh my, that means I have been struggling for not even a week yet….”

I was caught off guard. It told the story of her week. I realized how overwhelming it must feel to be in her spot. At 79, with Parkinson’s and recently home from the hospital after a mini stroke (TIA) and weeks of rehab. I could feel the sense of weariness in her words. Her voice is quiet and she dozes often, but her words said it all.

I began to remember places where I have struggled and carried weariness.

I began to recall what it was like to have others enter into that space with me.

I began to reflect on how I enter into and stay with others who are struggling and weary.

I am surprised by what I have awakened in my heart by being with Aunt Follie today. I want to be aware of where I am struggling and where those around me are struggling. I want to be in tune with the weariness that comes with struggle in my own life and in the lives of those around me. I want to be a friend who is willing to sit in the struggle and weariness, a friend who is willing to invite rest, quiet and healing.

I will pray faithfully for healing in Aunt Follie’s body and soul. That rest will bring healing to her hip and renewal to her spirit. I will pray for myself and others in similar ways.

There really is so much to learn in the struggle….


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