Can you hear what I am thinking….

IMG_0605Tonight I was busy talking to Aunt Dot and then realized that Dutch had not moved in quite some time. I paused and realized she had planted herself next to the dog food container and was sitting and staring at it. I realized I had forgotten to feed her this evening and in a very quiet way Dutch got a message across to me. I quickly placed one scoop in her dish and within moments, she was enjoying her Eukanuba (brand of her dog food) meal!

I walked away smiling and amazed at how this dog of mine has learned to communicate. It got me thinking more about how often we may communicate something without words, hoping someone will notice. I know that at times I will position myself in a certain way, hoping someone will hear what I am thinking….

As we go into these holidays, it may be tempting at times to long for something and remain silent. I want to invite you to use words and risk asking for what you need.

I am thankful to have learned over the years to find my voice and use words to communicate my feelings, wants, needs and desires. I don’t always do it well, but I am thankful I don’t just have to wait by the food container hoping someone will hear what I am thinking….




Author: trishborgdorff

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