Abe Lincoln…

Tomorrow morning I will slip away from the office and learn about Abe Lincoln. My almost 9-year-old nephew will dress up and give an Abe Lincoln presentation. I don’t know if there are things I wish I knew about Abe, but I am confident that tomorrow night at this time I will know something I do not know tonight….

I am excited about this presentation because of the presenter. It is not easy to stand up in front of people and speak up. Peter is a great conversationalist, but he would prefer one on one to being the center of attention. But he is a student at Living Stones Academy and I love how he is challenged to learn much more than book knowledge. I am grateful to Living Stones for teaching my nephews how to speak publicly and feel good about doing hard things. I know this for sure, Peter has learned about much more than Abe Lincoln.

And so Peter Henry, be brave, look us in the eye and be proud of what you have learned. Speak boldly and loud, even if your voice shakes! You can do it!

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