The Daily News…

I had a great day today. It was close to perfect all the way around. As I wrap up my day, I wish I would have gone to bed before watching the news….

There is such tragedy in our world (or should I say city and world)

There is an amber alert out for kids who are missing and suspected kidnapped by their grandparents and are likely in great danger…

There is a story of a woman who saw her husband killed in Afghanistan over Skype….

There is the crazy story of a child taken to the tanning bed….

There are people young and old who have died suddenly and I am always annoyed when the media believes they must interview family who are just within hours of learning of a tragic reality….

And so perhaps watching the news tonight simply reminds me that there is much to pray about AND there is much to be thankful for….

The ache of other’s around me does not rob my joy, but it does deepen my gratitude….

The ache of other’s around me does not change my immediate reality, but it does heighten my vulnerability…

The ache of other’s around me does not invite me to worry more, but it does give me the choice to increase my faith in new ways….

My heart is full of joy for all I experienced today….

My heart is full of hope for all tomorrow will hold…

My heart is full of concern for those who ache….

My heart is full…..


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