Optimum choices…..

I have been pretty focused with my wellness journey lately. I can confidently say the journey continues and that includes nutrition, water intake, exercise and sleep routines. .

I am enjoying a pretty solid nutrition plan which includes a protein shake for breakfast along with grapefruit, an apple and cheese stick mid morning, a big salad for lunch, a mid afternoon snack and a protein, veggie or salad for dinner. I am enjoying this routine and finding some variety and structure in my plan. I feel good and am past the point of cravings for carbs. I am growing in confidence and realizing the benefits in how I feel….

Add in my daily workouts and my evening cardio and I am looking forward more and more to my 25 year High School reunion in August.

But then I had a weekend where I was recovering from the flu and I didn’t get my grocery shopping in. I found that for a week I was trying to pull some meals together. I would run to subway for lunch and skipped more than a few breakfasts that week. I found that my energy was affected, my muscles ached, my sleep wasn’t as deep and I began to realize that my sleep, my energy,  my stamina and my energy was all affected by how many carbs I ate.

I have been on the journey for a long time and yet last week I realized at a different level that it is not about good and bad choices, it is about optimum choices for my body. My body is carb sensitive. I can’t afford to eat many carbs and reach my goals. My body responds well to fruits, proteins and veggies. I realized that I can subscribe to every diet, read every book, seek out every expert, and yet my body is unique. I am my own best expert…as long as I am considering optimum choices.

And so I had a week where I made different choices and I learned a very valuable lesson. I am thankful for the week where I felt off and the insight to name what was different. I look forward to a consistent plan and resting in the knowledge that I have what it takes to succeed. It takes planning, insight, discipline, hard work and determination.

I wonder if you have identified what types of things allow you to feel your best….

Won’t you join me in making optimum choices so you (and I) can feel our best?

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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