The Playground…

This week I have been intrigued by the happenings on the playground. Now I haven’t actually been on a playground this week, but I drive by one quite often at noon and I am curious about what I see. This week, with the beautiful weather, if no one is behind me, I stay a little longer at the stop sign and I watch and wonder…

It seems as if there is always a group of girls tucked in the corner along the fence. They are sitting in a circle and it appears they may be playing house. They skip, they link arms, they seem to often be talking….

There are groups of boys towards the center of the field. They are usually playing a game of some sort that involves running or tackling, and it seems at least one in every group is in the process of falling or on the ground.

And then there is a boy in an orange jacket. He is tall and lanky and he is walking alone. I have seen him alone each day I have driven by. He is walking circles of sorts in the middle of the field. I wonder if the other kids see him. I wonder if he feels lonely walking in the midst of the activity that surrounds him. I wonder what the thoughts in his mind are….

And I wonder what we learned to believe about ourselves on the playground way back when….

And I wonder how we can ensure as adults that we don’t lose the freedom and ability to play….

And I wonder about the kids I have stopped to watch this week…

And I wonder what their stories are…

And I wonder if the playground is a place where they forget about their struggles and have fun just playing….

I hope so….I really hope so!

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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