The power of music…


I have been reminded quite often lately about the power of music.

Recently my dear friend Phil, age 87, underwent major surgery. He went through and picked 50+ of his favorite songs, and we made a playlist. To be alone in the ICU and unable to have visitors, experience difficulty communicating due to extensive jaw surgery, and feeling the mental fog of pain medicine and anesthesia; we decided music was a soul reaching method of bringing peace.

In the absence of Worship during the pandemic, I find that putting on worship music and letting it resonate deep in my soul reminds me of the sweetness of being with my faith community and friends on Sunday mornings.

And this past Christmas, I found a beautiful gift for my mom. I was able to purchase a song written for her by Ken Medema. Ken has a fantastic ability in writing personal songs that rise out from a few facts, a creative mind, a beautiful voice, and I would have to say Holy Inspiration. Oh, and another tidbit about Ken’s incredible journey is that he was born blind. Yes, he is impressive and has been using his gifts to influence generations of people for many years 

I sent Ken the following, and I will leave you with the song he wrote, paired with the pictures my niece and I put together. 

I told Ken:

  • her family immigrated from Friesland
  • she is one of 12 children
  • She paid for her Christian Education because she wanted to attend a Christian school, and her parents could not pay for it.
  • She wrote a High School paper: Conform or Think, and won a competition that led her to present the Young Calvinist Convention. My Dad heard her give it, invited her on a date, and their life began together.
  • My Dad died in 2018 and my brother in 2012,
  • her favorite verse is Micah 6:8
  • she lives by a few key phrases:
    • It matters not (which I think he interpreted as it matters, but she believes that also) 
    • Live into it and 
    • The Birds will sing in the morning

If you are interested in putting a story to a song, see Ken’s information below.

With a song in my heart I share this with you!

Blessed Be His Name,


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