When you know better….

Somehow my post from January 7, 2021, has disappeared and so I am reposting it. It feels like an important message for all that is unfolding when I reflect back on what 2021 has held.

Tonight I watched Dateline. It was the raw and honest stories of 3 of the many families whose lives have been tragically affected by police brutality.

Everyone has a story and from my perspective, nothing in these stories warranted the outcome that they now have to face every day!

Yesterday was a day of disturbing events…

Tonight’s show was a reminder of horrific pain during more disturbing events.

As I watched, I remembered this quote. May we all commit to living it out. May we each individually make our world a better place. If we commit to this individually, we will be surprised by the change movement that will come about.

Lord Have Mercy, 

Lord Hear our Prayers

Blessed Be His Name,


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