A beautiful moment….

I hope your day held beautiful moments…

I hope you have a picture in mind that you would like to never forget from Thanksgiving 2011….

Today, our family experienced what I call “a hospice moment.”

The irony of that is that the moment we had today was filled with life!

When I worked for Hospice, often at the end of life, families gathered and sang together. Favorite songs were shared and God was glorified in the worship that occurred in that room, often around a bedside, singing of God’s presence, provision and Glory!

Tonight we gathered for dessert and as we sat in Suzi’s living room, we thought it would be fun to sing….

Arlene is magical on the piano and we began….

Let All Things Now Living….

Praise and Thanksgiving…

In Christ Alone…

Amazing Grace…

How Great Thou Art…

I loved every moment of the time we sang.

Suzi held Johanna (2) close and danced with her as she sang…

Karolyn(13) rested up against her Dad and their voices blended beautifully….

Ellie (11) selected songs and loves to sing….

Isaiah (5) who is somewhat shy, eagerly requested Praise and Thanksgiving…(every child’s known Thanksgiving song I think)

From ages 2 to 72, our voices blended and music was created….I love those moments and am thankful for a family who chooses to experience them before we face life’s end!

Ending this day of Thanksgiving with a song in my heart!


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