Hope Anchors My Soul

I have thought often about this saying in the last months. As I watch the news and pandemic numbers climb, as we have lived amid volatile political times, as I have lived out Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years’ Eve 2020 without the gathering of my dear family members, what other options do I have?
Well, I do know that despair is an option. And in full disclosure, I will admit that as good as it sounds, I am not always clinging to hope. Sometimes I have to talk with myself and remind myself that I have an option of how I move into unknown and uncertain times.
I have found it most helpful to have a few tangible and easily visible things to remind me that I can choose hope, even on the worst of days.
A few things that remind me are:

The future generation brings me hope.

Those who have gone before us bring me hope. My parents’ stories remind me how history repeats itself in so many ways, and wisdom, discernment, and action can bring good change.

Courage and peace bring me hope. Sometimes I have to dig deep and find it within my own being. A reminder that God has provided me with a good mind, a compassionate heart, and a deep faith. Often hope is a choice!

And so I wonder what your Hope reminders are.

This song removes despair and invites me to infuse hope!


What or who is it that reminds you that Hope anchors your soul?

Blessed Be His Name,


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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