November ~ a month of growth….

It is almost November and one thing I know about November is that it is No Shave November. 

November is the month men grow their mustaches as they raise awareness for prostate cancer. The movement began in 2003, inspired by breast cancer awareness efforts, and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, sprouting ‘staches across all seven continents and raising $42 million last year. Women often participate as well by letting the stubble grow out and join in the awareness for prostate cancer, as many men support the awareness of breast cancer.

And so I got to thinking about November and growth and I decided I am also going to focus on growth in certain areas of my life during the month of November.

I am planning to grow my hair out into a new style….November will be the month I get past the crazy making stages and let my hair grow instead of changing my mind because it gets difficult!

I am planning to grow my cardio endurance. I will be committing to rigid sleep and wake up times so that I can grow my endurance by getting to the gym every morning for cardio. I plan to do this as an add-on to my daily schedule I currently have in place.

I am planning to focus less on loss and more on growth. I am planning to focus on my routine and discipline and choices. I am planning to take November one day at a time and see if I can get closer to my goals than I am at the end of October. Every day is a new invitation to change and grow and for that I am grateful. I have worked out hard in October, but lost sight that wellness is not just about hours in the gym. It is about rest and cardio and play and pushing myself to new levels….oh yes and not quitting when things get difficult, and that difficult might be in hair length, food choices or breaths per minutes. Here is to a November full of growth and awareness!



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