Sunshine on my shoulders….

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…..

I have listened to this song a lot lately because it plays on my iPod while running.

But how true it is…

I have really only lived in West Michigan for most of my life  and I often wonder if people complain about the weather in other regions like we do in West Michigan?

We complain about it being to cloudy, to rainy, to snowy to hot and to cold. But in all of that, we also really seem to appreciate a gorgeous day.

Today was one of those days….sunny, cloudless, a breeze, no humidity…perfect in so many ways.

I wonder how long we hang onto the amazing goodness and beauty of today’s sunshine and perfect weather? Will the sunshine of this week get you through the gray and rainy days of fall….I hope so!

May we always remember…..

If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm. 
Frank Lane 

And if one perfect days isn’t enough, it looks like we have nine more coming….with nothing but SUNSHINE!

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